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10 x 20 Feet Heavy Duty Canopy Carport Steel Portable Garage Tent Car Canopy Party Tent Car & Boat Shelter for Events

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Β 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter: Your Reliable Protection for Vehicles

Introducing our 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter, a dependable solution for safeguarding your vehicles from the elements. Designed with durability and convenience in mind, this car canopy shelter offers a spacious and protective environment for your cars, trucks, boats, and more.

Ease2day 10 x 20 Feet Heavy Duty Canopy Carport Steel Portable Garage Tent  Car Canopy Party Tent Car & Boat Shelter for Events

Durable and Protective Canopy Cover

Weather-Resistant Fabric: Crafted from durable polyethylene fabric, our canopy cover is not only waterproof but also sun-proof. This ensures a longer lifespan for the canopy, effectively shielding your vehicles and belongings from the elements.

Temperature Control: The canopy cover effectively reduces direct sunlight, preventing unbearable heat buildup within the shelter. It also safeguards your vehicles from falling leaves and bird droppings, maintaining their cleanliness.



Sturdy and Reliable Steel Frame

Galvanized Steel Tubes: The heavy-duty steel frame features galvanized steel tubes that enhance overall durability and resist rust over time.

Enhanced Stability: Enlarged foot pads increase ground contact, providing stability to the structure. Reinforce the setup further with the included tent pegs and PP wind ropes for added security.



Spacious and Versatile Shade

Ample Dimensions: Measuring 10 ft x 20 ft x 9 ft, our carport offers ample space to accommodate most private cars comfortably, eliminating congestion concerns.

Multi-Functional Design: Beyond vehicle protection, our canopy serves as an excellent shade and storage solution for your cars, bikes, and outdoor gear. It's equally suitable for hosting parties, gatherings, picnics, BBQs, and even commercial activities.

Ease2day 10 x 20 Feet Heavy Duty Canopy Carport Steel Portable Garage Tent  Car Canopy Party Tent Car & Boat Shelter for Events

Easy and Practical Installation

Tool-Free Assembly: Our carport's installation is hassle-free and tool-free, thanks to the detailed instructions and comprehensive accessories included.

Secure Fastening: Elastic buttons securely hold the canopy cover in place, providing better durability compared to fragile plastic alternatives.

Usage Guidelines: For safety reasons, we advise against using the car tent during heavy rain, snow, or strong winds.




Why Choose Our 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter?

  • Effective Protection: Shield your vehicles from the sun, rain, snow, and other environmental elements, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their appearance.

  • Spacious and Versatile: The ample space provided by the 10 x 20 feet dimensions allows for multiple uses, from vehicle protection to outdoor gatherings and storage.

  • Sturdy and Reliable: The sturdy steel frame construction and weather-resistant finish ensure the longevity and performance of the canopy shelter.

  • Convenient Assembly: With a user-friendly assembly process, you can have your canopy shelter up and ready in no time.

  • Portable Flexibility: Easily move the canopy to different locations on your property, adapting to your changing needs.

Choose our 10 x 20 Feet Steel Frame Portable Car Canopy Shelter to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicles in a durable and versatile shelter. Experience peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are shielded from the elements while having the flexibility to use the space for various purposes. Whether for personal use or events, our canopy shelter delivers reliable and practical coverage for your vehicles and outdoor activities.



  • Material: Polyethylene cover+ White powder coated steel frame
  • Color: White
  • Overall dimension: 10’ x 20’ x 9’(W x L x H)
Package includes
  • 1 x Car garage cover

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