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4500 Sq.Ft Portable Dehumidifier for Home & Basements, 73-Pint Quiet Dehumidifier with Auto Drain or Manual Drainage, with 5 Modes and 3-Color Indicator Light

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4500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier with 5 Modes and 3-Color Indicator Light: Efficient Moisture Control for Large Spaces

Introducing the 4500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier with 5 Modes and 3-Color Indicator Light, your ultimate solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in large spaces. This high-capacity dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture from the air, helping to prevent mold, mildew, and musty odors. With its advanced features and customizable settings, you can create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Key Features of the Dehumidifier:

Discover the key features of our high-efficiency dehumidifier designed to create a comfortable and healthy living environment:

High Efficiency Dehumidification

Powerful Moisture Removal: This home dehumidifier can efficiently remove up to 73 pints of moisture per day, making it suitable for areas up to 4500 sq ft. Say goodbye to excessive humidity and enjoy a dry and comfortable living space.
Customizable Humidity Level: Set your desired humidity level between 30% and 80% to create the perfect atmosphere. Maintain an optimal balance of moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and musty odors.
Large Capacity Water Tank: The dehumidifier features a 6.5L/1.7-gallon water tank, allowing for long hours of operation before needing to be emptied.

    5 Working Modes and 2 Speeds

    Versatile Operation: Choose from 5 different modes to meet your specific needs: general dehumidification, auto dehumidification, strong dehumidification, clothes drying, and fan mode. Enjoy customized moisture control based on your preferences and requirements.
    Adjustable Fan Speed: Select either high speed or low speed to achieve optimal air circulation and moisture removal. Customize the fan speed based on the humidity level and room conditions.

      Easy Operation and Intelligent Control

      User-Friendly Interface: The smart touch control panel and clear digital display make operating the dehumidifier a breeze. Easily adjust settings such as dehumidify mode, fan mode, fan speed, timer, humidity level, and power switch.
      Real-Time Humidity Display: The 3-color humidity indicator lights provide a quick visual reference of the room's humidity level. Blue indicates humidity below 50%, green indicates 50% to 70% humidity, and red indicates humidity above 70%.

        2 Drainage Options and Safety Features

        Flexible Drainage Methods: Choose between manual drainage by emptying the water tank when full or continuous drainage by connecting the included 30 cm/12" drain hose. Select the method that suits your convenience.
        Enhanced Safety: The dehumidifier is equipped with multiple safety features to ensure worry-free operation. These include a child lock function, overflow protection, auto defrost function, and ETL and DOE certification for peace of mind.

          Quiet Operation and Humanized Features

          Sleep Mode for Peaceful Rest: Activate sleep mode for quiet operation with noise levels ≀44 dB, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful sleep without disturbances.
          Customizable Timer: Set the 0-24h timer according to your schedule and preference. Program the dehumidifier to automatically turn on or off at your desired time.
          Easy Maintenance: The filter screen is easily removable and washable, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for optimal performance.
          Convenient Mobility: The dehumidifier is designed with side handles and 4 universal casters, making it easy to move and position wherever needed.

            Why Choose the 4500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier with 5 Modes and 3-Color Indicator Light?

            Here are some reasons why this dehumidifier stands out:

            1. Powerful Moisture Control: With its high capacity, this dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture, preventing mold, mildew, and musty odors.
            2. Large Coverage Area: The unit is designed to cover areas up to 4500 square feet, making it suitable for basements, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more.
            3. Customizable Modes: Choose from 5 different modes to suit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring efficient and personalized dehumidification.
            4. 3-Color Indicator Light: The indicator light provides a quick visual reference of the current humidity level, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment.
            5. User-Friendly Design: The intuitive control panel, auto restart function, filter reminder, and continuous drainage option make operation and maintenance hassle-free.

            Choose the 4500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier with 5 Modes and 3-Color Indicator Light to effectively control moisture in large spaces. Say goodbye to excess humidity and enjoy the benefits of improved air quality and reduced moisture-related issues. With its powerful dehumidification capacity, customizable modes, user-friendly design, and convenient features, this dehumidifier is a reliable choice for maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment.


            • Color: White
            • Material: ABS
            • Product Dimension: 13.5" x 9.5" x 22.5" (L x W x H)
            • Rated Voltage: 115V
            • Rated Frequency: 60Hz
            • Rated Input Power: 240 W
            • Max. Input Current: 400 W
            • Rated Input Current: 2.9 A
            • Total Input Current: 3.9 A
            • Dehumidify Capacity:
            • 19 Pints/Day (65℉, 60% RH)
            • 50 Pints/Day (86℉, 80% RH)
            • 73 Pints/Day (95℉, 90% RH)
            • Timer: 0-24 Hours
            • Water Tank Capacity: 1.7 Gallon
            • Humidity Setting Range: 30% - 80%
            • Length of Drain Hose: 12"
            • Diameter of Drain Hose: 0.4"
            • Length of Power Cord: 70"
            • Noise Level: ≀44 dB
            • Net Weight: 31 lbs

            Package Includes

            • 1 x Dehumidifier
            • 1 x Drain Hose
            • 1 x Instruction

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